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electronic cigarette
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    About Us

SGB tech ltd was established in the early 1990's.Aa a leading manufacturer and exporter of Natural Plant Extracts,Natural Essential oils and Natural pigments,

SGB tech ltd is now pay attention to suuply  the electronic cigrette and vapor flavor to worldwide in shenzhen ,the company participate the investment of shares to set up 3 factorise.that we can offer by safety of "smoking and health in the field of electronic cigarette

we products nicotine and natural extract of high purity, stable quality from yunnan original tobacco leaf and The construction of processing is according to (GMP) standards. The nicotine quality testing is performed in accordance with USP USP34-NF29 quality standards of APC to create safe and healthy nicotine products.Combined with the requirements of safety of "smoking and health of the electronic cigarette industry

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